Current Loves | May

1// Sweats 2// Chucks 3// Water Bottle

May was pretty much full of running and trying not to die while doing so. The hubby and I and a couple of our friends signed up for a 5K in June, so it's been hell a lot of fun trying to get back into shape.

1// These pants are my jam at the moment. I may own them in 3 different colors. I think it's an upgrade from the Victoria's Secret PINK pants that are no longer appropriate for someone my age to wear. While we are on the matter, nothing with words on your ass should be allowed after the age of 25.

2// These are part of my everyday outfit. Errands, shopping you name it. These, boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt is how you will find me. Bonus for having a shower that day. They are currently at Nordstroms for around $50 and I got two pairs at TJMAXX for $25 each!

3// I have been trying to guzzle as much water as possible. I originally wanted to get a glass water bottle and while I will sometime in the future, I couldn't bring myself to pay $25 for a water bottle. This on is awesome because I can clip it to my diaper bag, gym bag, whatever.

4// My new favorite nail polish. Mint is actually my new favorite everything.

5// I got a job! There is a gym opening down the street from us and I am ecstatic about working out again. I've missed you spinning. So I took a couple day a week job there so I treated myself to a new gym bag. Because obviously.

6// These are the best running shoes I have ever worn. Under Armour were my last favorite, but these weigh like -2 pounds and just feel good on my feet.

So hooray for getting back into shape and hopefully being able to control my need for cake everyday!


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