Father's Day Recap!

Father's Day was such an amazing day. The girls and I woke up and as usual let Daddy-o sleep in! He wanted to take Quinn to Dunkin Donuts like he does every Sunday, so we unfortunately had to wait until he woke up :)

I was so excited to show Anth what Quinny and I made. So as soon as he woke up we smothered him in kisses and started throwing presents in his face.

This was hysterical. And I needed to get it on video so Anth didn't think I was making anything up! These answers were hilarious. I have no idea where she came up with green eyes and guacamole. But that sounds like a cool 6 year old daddy to me!

After breakfast we got ready to head over the Bay Bridge to a crab house with one if Anth's long ago friend/former boss/former great uncle and his amazing family. I seriously kept telling Anthony how in love with them I was because they were loud (hi, have you met me?), they were happy and there was a lot of them. I LOVE families where there are millions of kids running around and you can't tell who they belong to because they love everyone just the same. And made Quinn and I feel like they had known us for years too.

This kid also got her first taste of being on a boat.

Yeah. She liked it.

Quinn is a pretty social kid. But she is still very attached to me, especially around people she has never met before. Yeah, notice how neither of us are in that picture? It's because she couldn't have cared less. She loved all the kids, went running hand in hand with them and I just sat back and happily watched. 

Right when we were about to leave it started pouring, and we had to make a run for the car. Quinn thought it was hysterical. Good thing it wasn't a far run, because I was of course in a white dress. That would have been awesome.

We got home in time to tuck the girls into bed but not before taking some pictures of daddy-o and his girls :)

Those who know Anth, know that he is what I like to call....a robot. Meaning that he never really expresses any emotion and is the last to really express how he's feeling. He was so happy this day. I'm not saying he's not happy everyday, but actually being able to see how happy he was? 


Hope you had an amazing Father's day babe. You already know how lucky we are to have you, and the greatest part is that the girls don't treat you any differently on this day than any other day. Because Quinn most definitely acts like it's Father's day every day :)

We love you Daddy-o.

Your girls.


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