Happy Father's Day | 2013

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world on Father's Day.  Not because of my own father (who thankfully isn't in the picture) but because we get to celebrate my husband, who is such an amazing father. An entire day filled with hugs, kisses and love. And the best part? It's like this every day. My girls LOVE their daddy. Like an insane amount. 

Growing up I never had that kind of relationship and I envied my friends that did. Anthony tells the girls he loves them no less than 100 times a day. And it melts my heart every.single.time. 

So today we let you sleep in, smother you with cards and handmade gifts. Cook (or buy) whatever you want to eat. And celebrate the fact that we are the luckiest 3 girls in he world. 4 if you include my mama who adores you just as much. To have a son in law who is so amazing to her.  

Happy Father's Day babe. I love you more than you will ever know. 


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