Harper Grace | 4 Months Old!

I'm sorry, what?

When did this little nugget turn 4 months old already?! I just cannot get over this little girl. She is such a little blessing to our family. I know I say over and over what a good baby she is, but the fact that she has started sleeping through the entire night already?


She has gotten super mouthy lately though. Daddy can make her talk the best though. She has finally started giggling and oh is it heart melting.

Harper and Quinn have their 3 year (hold me) and 4 month appointments this Friday, so I will update this post with her stats then. She had a quick doctor visit a couple weeks ago when she was sick and she was 14 lbs 2 oz, so I am guessing she is staying around there.

Those eyes continue to be blue! Some days they look bluer, some days they look more gray. 

Girlfriend is also obsessed with Quinn. As in she could seriously watch her play 24/7. She will play in her exersaucer just watching her sister eat or talk to her. I can't wait to see these girls when they get older!

She is in size 2 diapers and size 3/6 to 6 month clothes. She still fits into some 3 month things though. 

Overall, she is just such a joy. Never really cries or fusses, smiles at everything and is so easygoing. I think this one will take after her father. Quinn unfortunately got me and my mom's crazy.


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