Running. Ok, jogging. And my first 5K!

So I did it.

Yup. The girl who hates running signed up for her first 5K. I know what everyone is thinking. It's 3 miles.

In high school I probably could have ran it in 20 minutes. Well, 2 babies later? Not so much. I was never a fan of running. I think it was the years and year AND YEARS of basketball practices and running suicides until I threw up. Maybe?

As I got older and I actually had to make time to be physical I got more into spinning and things like that. I always wanted to be a runner. Those people who wake up at ungodly hours and actually run in the street because they run much farther than their nearest neighborhood.

Much love to you cute guy who runs shirtless by our house all the time. 

To be honest I think i just got bored. Unless I had a TV in front of me with a Kardashian marathon, a treadmill was useless. Running outside was better, but unless it was perfect weather, not humid and basically not a perfect Spring day....I hated it.

So my friend Colleen and I decided that if we signed up for a 5K we would be forced to commit and basically work at not embarrassing ourselves. She found a great cause to run for and we signed up. We also signed up our husbands. It is most special to her husband because his mother passed away from Pancreatic Cancer a few years back.

So we've actually done pretty well at running on a consistent basis. And while I am nowhere near where I would like to be (aka, where my husband was after his first run) I am getting better! I am averaging about a 8-9 minute mile. While I have yet to actually try to run 3.1 miles (oops and the race is  on Saturday) I feel ok. I'm not looking to break any records. I'm just proud that we all actually did it! Crossing the finish line is pretty much enough for me!

If you would like to donate, every penny counts. It really is for a great cause!


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