Quinn's Beauty and the Beast Birthday!

Dress from here.

My princess is 3. And when I say Princess, I mean Princess because she refuses to be called anything other than that.


Just kidding sweet darling. We all know you are the least sassiest 3 year old to ever grace us with her presence. I also hope you inherit mama's hilarious sarcasm.

My tiniest Belle.

Three is hitting me very hard for some reason. Colleen tells me it's because there is no sense of baby left in her at all. And she's right. The only thing I have left is that she still sleeps in a crib. 

That's right. Girlfriend has never once climbed out and I'm not about to ruin a good thing. She loves her crib, sleeps awesome and we don't want to. 

Quinn wanted a Beauty and the Beast birthday for a few months. So that is what she had. It was a great day. She is a lucky little girl. She is very loved!

I mean, look at these two.

I really only focused on the dessert table. Everything else I got lazy with. Thank you Wegmans.

All the babies were there and the cuteness was just overload.


She couldn't keep her little fingers off of it!

Sugar Baker's never disappoints. 

There's the birthday girl's hubby!

It was a great day. Girlfriend was insanely happy and most importantly wiped out. As was her sister!

Hope you had an amazing day little girl! 


  1. Such a cute post! Love the cake and the theme. She looks very pretty in that dress. I am glad I found this post as I will be able to take some ideas from here for m niece’s birthday party. Her birthday is next month in one of the outdoor Venues in NYC. I hope to make it special.


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