This is real life.

Roo recently wrote this post and it really got me thinking. How many times have I gone on Instagram and thought, "How in the world do moms out there have time to do so many things and their houses are always so damn clean!"

Well that isn't me. I do my best to keep things a little under control, but on a daily basis?

This is what you'll find.

That recliner pulls double duty as storage and a relaxing seat.

Hello, diaper and sunscreen. 
I couldn't tell you what that green thing is.

Hello, toys. And bed sheet that is taking the place of a sofa cover 
that my child peed on 3 days ago. And breakfast plate on top of the decorative elephant.
And apparently I was Lysol-ing the dog.
I mean really, I could go on for days.

This is real life. To all the other mamas out there with laundry on the bottom of their stairs that have been there for days. With dishes in the sink but most importantly with happy kids who love to make messes!


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