County Fair! Sounds all country, doesn't it?

Last week my bestie and I decided to take the kiddies (and husbands) to the county fair. That sounds all sorts of country. {Sidenote I am obsessed with Julianne Hough in Footloose or Julianna Hough in general, so since there are pictures of me in this post, let's just say I looked exactly like this:}

I know. I know. It takes a lot of work to look this good.


The kids had a great time, there were fried Oreos and my kid continues to be obsessed with animals.

"He's so cute!"

The animal of my people.

This guy  was so sweet and she was so proud of herself. 

This guy was the big winner! 

Harper basically looked like this the whole time.

And when you have an obsession with games and throwing money away, you bargain instead. We should have just given Uncle Ryan some money and won something for Quinn.

And we continued to add pictures for their wedding slideshow. 

HOYL HEAVEN. Excuse me, I'll be in the corner shoving these into my pie hole.

It was a great night and the kiddies were wiped! Nolan and Quinn added high fives to their list of adorable-ness and corn dogs made us happy. 


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