If I could have one super power...

I saw this topic over on Becky's page and wanted to put my weird thoughts on keyboard paper.

First off, I whole heartedly agree with Becky. If I could cure cancer, I most definitely would choose that. I feel like veery day I read a new story about a child losing their battle with cancer. Too many close friends and family of mine have gone through this and to be honest, I hate it. There are too many good people being affected by it and I wish someone would just make it go away.

But after that little rant, I was thinking more of like an X-Men superpower when I read the title to her post, so I am going to go that route.

Ready for this?

If I could have one "super power" it would be able to eat whatever the f&%$ I wanted and not gain any weight.

Oh, that's not a super power? I don't care.

Seriously, I am a person who loves food way too much. And usually the ones I love the most apparently aren't the best for you.

So there you have it.


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