The Nesting. (Part 1)

Written obviously while I was pregnant and finally got out of my lazy funk to update with some pictures!

Well the nesting has hit. It actually hit a long time ago, I have just been too busy stuffing my face with movie theater popcorn cravings. (Oh the buttery goodness.)

There have been a ton of random projects going on because sometimes if I am waiting for Anth to finish reading bedtime stories and I find myself re-folding the towels in our linen closet. True story. 

I started off my kick with a trip to the Container Store a few months back. Which is 45 minutes away. It was glorious.

The one thing I knew I had to tackle was our DVD's. If you remember from this post I organized all of our DVD's in these storage boxes from Ikea. Problem was we have SO MANY of them it was ridiculous. And Quinn just kept adding to the pile. So I decided I would take all of our non Bluray DVD's and find a better solution for them. 

Enter this beauty from the Container Store:

So there I started, taking all of the DVD's out of their boxes and putting them (alphabetically) into their little sleeves. It holds 120 DVD's!! 

I am so embarassed that this picture shows two 
Hilary Duff movies and an Olsen twins movie.

Much better!

Now they live on the same shelf, with some washi tape labeling. 

I will probably post around 78 more projects that I did when I was pregnant with Harper!


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