Well, this was sad. And why my husband is my favorite.

Quinn goes to a place called My Gym once a week. It's basically an open gym with lots of ball pits, slides, etc and a few minutes of stories, games, sing a longs. We noticed about a month ago that she seemed to be outgrowing the class. I think she may have been the oldest.

So I emailed My Gym and asked if she could be moved up to the next class, which she was just a couple of months shy for. The lady said absolutely and so we scheduled her to start attending the "Big Girl" classes.

I switched my days at work so I didn't have to work at the gym on Thursday night because one of us usually goes in the play area with her.

Well wouldn't you know that this "older" class required just the babies to go in. Not the parents.

Cue almost tears from this guy.

I swear he is going to embarrass Quinn to no end on her 
wedding day as he sobs all over her wedding dress.

So we sat. And we watched. And got the stink eye from probably all parents because we so badly just wanted to just jump over the gate and hold her.

Definition of "hovering".

It was just one of those parental moments where you can cry. Because your child just keeps on growing no mater how hard you try to stop it. And the fact that she didn't even care that we weren't in there with her.

Kids. They really know how to bring out the tears in a grown man.


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