Are naps over?

I think the time has come. And let me also just say I am crying sad, ugly tears as I type this....because I LOVE NAP TIME. What mother doesn't?

For some reason I thought kids napped until they were like 5. Well. As soon as we took her out of her the age of 3.......naps have gone out the window. I knew we should have kept her in that crib!

This is usually what happens when we put her down for a nap.

Then comes the "Mommy? Mommy? Can I go downstairs now?" "Mommy? NO CUTS, NO BUTS, NO COCONUTS!" Followed by insane laughter.

While we still have "quiet time", I really, really, really miss my kid napping. 

But I also love catching these moments on video.

"What is wrong with my voice?!"


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