Current Loves | August

5// KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender 6// Dunkin Donuts K Cups

Can you believe it's September already? Now can we please be done with this 90 degree weather so I can dig out my stretchy pants and over sized sweaters?

Let me just say that Arbonne is my new jam. I feel a little like an old lady saying that, but holy hell, why did it take me this long to try this stuff out? Let me know if anyone needs someone to order through, I have an awesome girl for you!

1. This foundation is amazing. I am a true Make Up Forever foundation lover and while I still love that, this one (this is hard for me to say) is my favorite. It glides on super smooth and lasts all day.

2. This lotion is ridiculous! I only wish I had some during the summer because I can only imagine how nice it would feel after a day of being in the sun. It has a cooling effect and leaves your skin all tingly and moisturized. 

3. Since it's as cold as the arctic in the morning and at night, but hot as the desert during the day, this is the perfect "sweatshirt" to have with me. Especially running to late night yoga sessions! (you guys, my love for hot yoga continues to grow.) I literally wear this every day. 

4. We are doing another 5K in October and I've actually been pretty good about getting off my butt and actually "train" for this one. This bad boy has been getting lots of use! 

5. We are making juices and smoothies like it's our job around here and thank goodness for this thing. While I still yearn for the Viatmix blender (HELLO, HUSBAND!) I am totally happy with this. And it gets the job done.

6. Enough said. PUMPKIN. Pumpkin K Cups. Our first box was gone in about 4 days. 

Ok, now for real September. Quit it with the 90 degrees. I'm done with you.


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