Friday Randoms

Happy iPhone day! The hubby and I trade off on new iPhones, so this is my turn! YES!

The important question is....what color? I am leaning toward the gold!

I have been jumping on the "clean eating" and "lifting like a man" bandwagon. Yes, so I totally ate to my little heart's content at Panera yesterday, but I've been doing pretty good with eating my weight in egg whites, sweet potatoes and protein shakes. I feel really good and actually got over my fear at the gym of lifting in front of other people (BIG SCARY MEN).

That being said, this is currently on my wish list!

This post. There are numerous things in my life that I thank God for every day, but my hard working husband is definitely on top of that list. Not many men can do what he does and I thank the good Lord every single day that he is ours. I can only hope to have a son one day so that he can be raised to be a real man. 

Harper has started sleeping a little better since her month long "I hate sleeping" marathon. But she still wakes up around 4/5 for a quick snackeroo. With Quinn, we did a modified cry it out that only took 2 nights for her to drop that feeding. I would rather not have Harper wake up Quinn in the middle of the night so I am praying to baby Jesus that she drops it on her own. Anyone have any luck with babies dropping the feedings on their own?

Also? This was one year ago. 

I just can't. 


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