Harper Grace | 7 Months.....that can't be right

I know my little infant child cannot be 7 months old. That just can't be true. 

This sassy little face tells me otherwise, though. 

As you can see someone is not a fan of sitting still these days!

"How do I look?"

She gave me this unimpressed look for the entire photo shoot. Thanks stinker. 

This little nugget has been up to a lot this month! After her six month post I must have jinxed myself as you, (how do I put this gently?) have been sucking in the sleep department. 

I will add that finally a couple days after your 6 month birthday, you finally decided to roll over. 

No big deal baby, you do whatever you want when you want it! But I would greatly appreciate it if you would quit rolling onto your tummy and falling asleep face down in your crib as it causes me to fly out of bed when I catch you on the monitor and wake you up to make sure you're still breathing. 

Your sleep has actually been getting back to normal these past couple of days, so I am hoping that phase is over. You still go down between 7:15 and 7:30. We have been trying to push it back little by little and you've been doing great. You still wake up between 3 and 5 to eat and then right back down until anywhere between 7 and 8. I really love it when you wake up at 7 thought and pretend like you can't roll back over. JUST KIDDING.

You have been doing really well with food! You don't love it, but you will tolerate it. I usually have to trick you with a puff so you open your mouth really wide and then shove some food in there.

I made a ton of apple/carrot puree which seems to be your favorite at the moment. But now that I actually put in the effort and made a ton of it, I am sure you will hate it the next time. 

You are obsessed with puffs and could eat an entire container if I let you. We made a trip to the mall with Aunt Jamie and Lily the other day and thank the good Lord Aunt Jamie brought puffs or you would have been one grumpy troll. But I will happily feed them to you if it keeps you happy :)

Speaking of happy, you are very vocal aka LOUD in the morning. You literally scream with joy every single morning and while I think it's adorable....your sister and daddy do not. Because you tend to wake them up with your loud little screeches. You are starting to babble and say "bababa/mamama/dadada" so we are really working on getting you to know who mama and dada are! 

You continue to be obsessed with your sister and no one makes you laugh and smile as much as she does. Melts our hearts every day. 

You are such a joy and continue to just be a pleasant, easy little thing. You are so damn smiley, it is just my favorite thing ever. You are growing too fast though, so please quit it. 


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