Be the Queen of your own life.

I was spending a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest one day, when I came across this quote.

For some reason it really sunk in and made me stop and think. Meditate, even. Must be all that yoga.

My biggest challenge in life is accepting the fact that people won't change because you want them to. I cannot control how others think or act. I cannot force other people to make good decisions.

Anthony is very patient with me when I run through scenarios with him and question why people do things. "Are people really this stupid? Do you think that they do these things on purpose, or just because they are stupid?" Stupid is a strong word. But sometimes it's dead on.

I tend to overthink things if you haven't guessed. It's like I have a need to know why people do certain things. Thank you Psychology major.

Well, guess what Andrea. You need to quit. 


So if ever there was a time for a New Year's resolution, this is it. 

Come to terms with the fact that other people will disappoint you. Decisions will be me made that you will not understand. And that's ok. Stop complaining about them and letting them take up precious time that could be spent enjoying life. Because at the end of the day, we have too much to be thankful for. 

Life is good. Let it go. 

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