Friday Randoms

Woohooo! It's Friday and we actually have plans. As in adult plans with no children and our besties, the Woelper's!

Anth is obsessed with the show Impractical Jokers. Has anyone seen it? Well they are on tour so for his birthday I got tickets to see them in DC. So we are headed to dinner and then to the show.

Your welcome babe. 

Considering I get ignored to no end when that show comes on.

I can't believe I am working on a September Current Loves post. WHERE DID YOU GO, SEPTEMBER?!

I am running my second 5K on Sunday! I'm a little nervous, but I feel much more prepared for this one. Considering I ran 3 times before the last one and ran it in 33 minutes....I am hoping to be able to run it in under 30. Which is a huge deal for someone who hates running.

And? This kid.

I love her. 


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