Friday Randoms

The girlies and I are headed to another pumpkin patch with their bff's, Nolan and Lily. It's about 0 degrees out, so I literally had to dig to find some winter coats!

I am a nervous wreck today because tonight is my very first Crossfit class. I don't know why I'm nervous, but I am. But I am super excited at the same time!

The hubby and I finally get to have a nice dinner together tomorrow for our anniversary. We're going to the Melting Pot (RIGHT BABE?! UNLESS YOU DIDN'T MAKE RESERVATIONS.)

If you haven't read this post from Becky about the whole "mom shaming" issue. Please do. It's exactly how I feel about the whole issue. People need to stop blaming other people and stop making excuses for choices in their lives.

It's turned from summer to winter here and running outside is becoming a pain. Can someone please explain to me the whole Under Armour "Hot Gear" "Cold Gear" issue? I am guessing I should have "Cold Gear" to run in the cold, but we all know how easily confused I am.

Happy Friday! 


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