Happy Birthday, Husband.

Today is the hubby's 29th birthday! Being that we started dating when we were 18...this is a little weird for me to be writing.

I always say to him..."Do you sometimes just think...HOLY CRAP we have 2 kids?! We have a mortgage and a family and bills?"

He also thinks I'm a little crazy.

I think because we met so young a part of me will always see us as this 18 year old couple of kids. With no worries, no responsibilities, just each other.

Boy does time change things.

The people we are when we fist met are nowhere near the people we are now. And thank God for that.

There is no one on this earth that makes me more proud than he does. I like to think he a is a very rare breed of man. Could he be more chivalrous and romantic sometimes? Of course. So could I. But what I have never complained about is what a good man he is. What an amazing father and husband he is.

A man who wants the world for his family. And I'm not exaggerating when I say the world. He is always striving to improve, always wanting the best for us. Always looking for ways to make our family better. A man who has worked his ass off every single day to provide for us. Hard worker is at the top of the list when I think of you.

And you're pretty cute.

And for that I will be eternally grateful.

I love you babe. As much as we drive each other crazy, as much as other people just don't "get" how we function. None of it matters because we have each other. Just like that little snow globe we got when we were married says... "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

I could not agree with that statement more. Us girls would be nothing without you. We love you so, so very much. And I hope this last year in your 20's is the most amazing yet. And although it will be a loooong while before baby #3 arrives, I am enjoying our almost complete family every single day with you.

Also, Quinn told me to tell the internet that she loves you very much.

Happy Birthday Anthony xoxo


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