Great Wolf!

We took our annual trip to Williamsburg, except this time we decided to stay at Great Wolf Lodge. 

(Here is our trip from last year, and the year before that.)

I love getting away with the hubby and the girls. The girls are always excited to have their daddy with them all the time!

Especially this little daddy loving nugget:

We made it to the hotel just before dinner time and we learned that Harper hates car rides. Or she just gets bored because I had to squeeze myself in between 2 car seats and keep her entertained for the last hour of the trip.

We were excited to see our room! We got the Grizzly Bear sweet with 2 bedrooms thinking that Harper could sleep in the pack n play in the main living area, Quinn could have her own room and we could have our own room.

Well if that wasn't a complete waste of money I don't know what is. Anth ended up sleeping on the other bed in Quinn's room because "DADDY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I DON'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!"

Ok, then. 

Turns out not a lot of sleeping actually happened in this room because Anth sent me this video one night at 10pm. 
It's a little dark, but the interpretive dance is dead on.

I love this little face.

We spent one afternoon in downtown Williamsburg to walk around and shop and stuff our face at the sandwich shop that we always go to. 

And to document her annual "Alan" visit.

Harper being introduced to Alan.

We also took a trip the huge Yankee Candle store there to see Santa!

Just like last year, Quinn could't wait to get her hands on that beard and whisper sweet nothings into his ear.

Harper, however was a bit more skeptical. 

"Are we done?"

And then the lip happened. GET HER OUT OF THERE!

And then Santa cried because she was the cutest kid he has ever laid eyes on. Really.

It was cold that day, so it was a pretty quick trip. We would always try to put Harper down for a nap and head to the water park after! Because girlfriend needs her nap.

You can't tell by her robotic face, but she loved it more than her sister!

She continued her insane fear of water parks. Not like mama scarred you 
on a water slide  on your birthday or anything….

We did this everyday. And by we, I mean Anth would go there at 
every nap time and maybe sometimes at night. 

This was the result. THOUSANDS.

Harper also learned a new trick.

I don't remember where Quinn got this but she said "Mommy, I am going to give one to Harper because she's my best friend" Then I cried and went to bed.

The best part for me was when Quinn and I skipped nap time to get mommy and me manicures. It was ADORABLE. Also a complete rip off as we both got $50 manicures. What the what?!

But she had such a fun time and felt like such a princess.

It was an exhausting trip but so much fun to get to spend so much time with my little family. 

Also? If we stay there next year I will not stay anywhere except the very top floor of Great Wolf Lodge because HOLY $HIT you guys. The noise of asshole people above us was too much to handle for 2 nights. I actually had to call the front desk one night and Anth actually walked upstairs and knocked on their door at 10pm but of course the little shits wouldn't answer. So while we absolutely loved the Great Wolf experience….lesson learned. We stay on the 4th floor!

We are now battling colds and croup that we got from vacation so a whole lot of nothing has been going on around here!

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving and spend lots of time with your loved ones.


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