Christmas! We've finally recovered.

Well. Our house still looks like a bomb was set off and I am still as tired as can be…but our Christmas this year was pure perfection. Having two adorable little kiddos will get you all excited I guess!

Instead of going out to dinner on Christmas Eve like we've done in the past, we decided to pull out our fancy dishes, make a huge pot of Gram's spaghetti and light some candles. It was awesome.

After dinner we relaxed with some Home Alone and then finally got the girls to bed, but not before leaving some milk, cookies and carrots for the big man and his posse.

And also not before getting one last picture with Corn. WHO THANKFULLY MADE HER WAY BACK TO THE NORTH POLE HALLELUJAH AMEN.

Christmas morning may been my most favorite Quinn moment of all time. We thought she would be so excited to wake up and run downstairs and scream excitedly. I saw her stirring in the monitor so I ran up and woke up Anthony and said "Get ready! She's awake!" Well, while I collected Harper and got Anth, we found her in the play room playing with her toys. We were surprised and said "Quinny, what day is today?!" 

"I don't know."

Ok, then. So we gently remind her that it's Christmas and she get's ADORABLE.

"Oh my goodness, I forgot!! Merry Christmas Mommy! Merry Christmas Daddy!" in the sweetest voice you can possibly imagine. Every time she said Merry Christmas she would give a huge hug and it was just insane. We finally made it downstairs and the funnest part?

Girlfriend knows her letters, which meant she knew exactly which presents were hers!

Corn had left the most ADORABLE letter to the girls. (WAY TO GO DADDY CORN)


Harper of course and as expected could not have cared less and was on a mission to destroy. 

All I will say about this is that he should have given me a list of presents.
AMAZON WISH LIST ANTHONY, AMAZON WISH LIST. (Thanks for that advice, Tess.)

By the end it was a tornado of wrapping paper and tissue and I didn't want anyone to lay a finger on anything. 

My favorite part is sitting in the filth and crazy that comes after opening presents. I don't know why, I just love it. 

We spent Christmas evening at Anth's grandmas house and the girls were WIPED out afterwards. 

Family photos are more difficult than eating one potato chip.

This was one POOPED.

The best big cousin ever.


Everyone fell into their beds that night. Especially mommy and daddy.

Anth is back to work today and I could cry. I sure did have it made this past week!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones. I hope the next one is just as amazing. 


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