Harper Grace | 10 Months!

Oh, hi! Remember me? I am being ass kicked by December. 

Somewhere in the crazy that is this month….my tiny, infant child decided to go all double digits on me and turn 10 months. Why!? WHY!?

I will be brutally honest and say that this child has been turning into a demon. A very adorable, sweet as pie when she wants to be….demon.

I remember when she was born thinking there has to be something wrong with her because girlfriend seriously never made a peep. She slept amazingly for an infant, never cried and I seriously was starting to worry. Well all that has changed.

Maybe she is making up for lost time? Maybe she is just testing my patience? Maybe she is just crazy?

I'm going to go with the latter. 

She is overall a pretty good baby. But she has mastered the WHINE CRY and it makes me want to day drink until the weekend. She has a temper like no other and I am so not used to it. Quinn was such a laid back, go with the flow kind of kid. This one? Don't you even dare put me to bed one second past my bedtime or I will make your life an ever living hell. 

Sleep. Oh sleep. I have not had a full night's sleep in 10 + months. She went through a period of waking up around 1/2 am and just being a miserable little nugget until morning. That thank goodness passed but she still wakes up around 4/5 for a quick meal and then back down until 7:30 (if I'm lucky. Today? 6:30. NO.)

Anyone know if she will eventually just drop this feeding on her own?! We've been letting her whine if she wakes up before 4 because she is spoiled and it's all my fault. 

Sue me.

Besides being a total crazy adorable baby, she is up to normal 10 month old baby things. Crawling at record speeds, pulling up and then insanely crying because she hates falling on her butt. Hilarious? Yes. Which makes me think she will take a long time to walk which is just fine with me!

Eating three meals a day like a champ. Loves cheese just like her cheese loving father. Continues to steal her sister's heart everyday. Seriously, Harper. She is obsessed with you.

Best thing about this age? She gives the absolute best snuggles. If she's tired, she will suck her thumb and just cuddle her way into my neck. Which makes me just melt into a puddle and I fall in love with her all over again. 

She is pretty easy to get smiles and giggles out of too which just makes us laugh all day long. She is in love with her Lita and has her wrapped around her little finger. 

You are insanely adorable and I think you know it.

We are in trouble for sure. x2.


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