Paleo: Notes from a bread and cheese lover

So we are doing Paleo.

And by we I mean me because Anthony is worse than Quinn when it comes to food and what he can and cannot have.

Let me add to that statement a photo:

Proof is in the pudding. That is my delicious spaghetti squash.


Anyway I started CrossFit a few weeks back after I begged and pleaded and promised it would be my birthday and Christmas present combined if Anth let me join for just 3 months. (THAT END WILL BE A SAD DAY.)

I had heard of the paleo diet a few times, the first being years back because I knew Heather from Dooce wrote about it. 

Sidenote: Great post with lots of info: More About This Fad Diet Human Ate For Millions of Years

So being that CrossFit encourages the Paleo diet and hello? You can have bacon….I decided to give it a try. Yes, me. The cheese and bread loving human whose last meal would probably consist of more carbs than I care to admit.

We eat a ton of eggs in this house. Like when we make scrambled eggs on the weekend we could polish off a carton. So with the exception of the bread and dairy, it seemed doable because let's be honest. I love meat. (Let's everyone have a laugh and move on.)

I went in with the mindset of sticking to Paleo 80% of the time. A cheat meal every couple of days sounded great to me, even motivational. Also, I have learned that having a cheat meal is how you are supposed to do it. Not cheat day. Ahem.

So far it has been pretty fun. Anth and I went to our local farm last weekend and stocked up on all the grass fed beef they offered. It was actually pretty cool and something we had never done before. We already buy organic cage free eggs and most veggies so we were already on the right track. I still make Anthony his sandwich lunches so the only real sacrifice he is making is not eating my dinners. I have been having a lot of fun making different things and learning what I love (mashed cauliflower!) and what I don't (I really don't like brussel sprouts. Unless they are pickled. Weird, I know.)

Here have been some of my go to meals:

Buffalo Chicken Soup

Organic Chicken Sausage and any veggies I can find.

Banana pancakes! 

All of these recipes can be found on my Pinterest Board.

One huge thing I have noticed? My skin has never looked better. And by that I mean I haven't found a mammoth pimple on my face in a couple weeks…which is insane for a face like mine. I feel much better when we eat a clean diet. No bloating and gross feelings around here. Do I miss bread? of course I do…but it's not like I crave it or anything. It's amazing what your body gets used to. I heard it takes 21 days to form a habit so maybe there will come a day where I don't want to stick my face in nacho cheese and tortilla chips? 

A girl can dream.

And if you are anything like my husband's grandparents who insist you need calcium from dairy and 100% think you've taken a ride on the crazy train…here is a great article I found on that.

At the end of the day every individual is different. Different things work for different people and being healthy is just everyone's main goal here. However you chose to go about it.

Happy Friday everyone!


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