Harper Grace | 11 Months!

I am writing this shaking my head thinking there is no way I don't have a "baby" anymore. And my baby, I mean a tiny infant who will let you hold and snuggle all day long instead of a fiery little nugget ago that will backhand you if you try to snuggle when she doesn't feel like it. And then head butt you and laugh.

Oh, Harper. The biggest hallelujah baby Jesus moment this month?


Two snaps for that!

And none of that "but 8 hours is sleeping through the night" crap either. Like I put you to bed and then I don't see you until morning. Sure, it's a little EARLIER than I would like. But nothing beats getting uninterrupted sleep! 

Can I get an amen??

Baby girl you are just so delicious. I use the word delicious to describe you a lot because you are. I just want eat your face several times a day. You are feisty, impatient and loud. But you are HAPPY. 

And that I absolutely love. 

You have no interest in walking and I cannot thank you enough for that. You are a speed crawler and I will cherish every last second I can before you start running. Because I'm sure you will run before you walk. 

You are still an amazing eater. You down vegetables like mommy downs chocolate and I can't wait until your birthday when I get to see you with a cake. My guess is you will throw it. 

I am looking forward to when you can have whole milk during the day but I could nurse you morning and night forever. (Ok, not literally.) It's just when you are the most cuddly and snuggly. 

You drink water through a sippy cup like such a big girl and you can say mama, dada, and some kind of screeching when you see Mickey which always sounds the same I just can't figure out how to type it :) Pointing is your absolute favorite you point and everything and then we talk about it for a while. Adorable. 

We are in severe party planning mode and we also signed a contract to put our house on the market. Which means OMG it's real and I feel like the next few months are going to be crazy. And I am a little nervous. 

Happy 11 months baby doll. We love you more than words!


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