Harper's Very Merry Un-Birthday in One-derland {the details}

So my tiny, little baby who was just born is turning one. ONE. Can you believe that? Because I sure cannot! The girl really isn't into much these days, except destroying everything. So with the help of a certain big sister, we decided to go with a fun Alice in One-derland party. I remember Jenni having a One-derland first birthday for her daughter so I was excited to have a reference point! {Seriously, how amazing was that party?!} 

The first thing I did was get into invitation mode. Stalking Pinterest and Google Images helps a lot and came up with these:



 {lawn sign}

I'm really excited to get all the decorations and things like that. I'm trying to get as much done now because I know what a procrastinator I can be. Thank goodness for Pinterest and Oriental Trading. 

Every time I sit down to try and do some planning I always end up quitting because I just cannot believe Harper will be one…next month. I know that God willing she won't be our last child, but it's just so insane to think how fast this past year has gone! And the fact that just a few short months after Harper turns 1, I will have a 4 year old. I just can't with that information. 

So let the party planning begin!


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