My little baby turned one today. One. 

As in I no longer have a baby. Well, technically she's not walking so yes I will hold onto that as long as I can. 

I wanted to wait until the day was over to write this post so I have had plenty of time (and wine) to put myself in complete denial about Harper turning one. 

This is what I woke up to:

I know. It's so ridiculous how cute it is to walk into that. 

We started off our day the same way we did with Quinn. Breakfast at Eggspectations. Because, really. It's amazing. Girlfriend devoured a chocolate chip pancake like it was no ones business. 

Then we headed downtown to Port Discovery. She was having a blast people watching and her sister was having a blast. 

Then we finally found the "tot" room and Harper got to less loose her crazy. 

And holy crap this child loves mirrors. 

Quinn was at such a perfect age for this place it was awesome. 

And cute. 

Obviously, it was also daddy friendly. "THIS IS SO COOL!"

We finished off our trip with Joe Squared pizza. Where Quinn was, by that time, the grumpiest, most irritated little girl I've ever seen. But this little one takes after her mama's insatiable hunger. 

It was such a perfect day. Any day that is spent together is an awesome day and you can truly see how happy both girls are when they have mommy and daddy together. 

Harper Grace, you have no idea how much you fill our lives with happiness. Never did we think we could love someone as much as we loved Quinn and not only was that complete nonsense, but watching Quinn adore the hell out of you makes us fall even more in love with her. You are so feisty and saucy that I can't help but feel happy about it. I hope you grow into a strong, happy and healthy girl. Which we have no doubt you will. You are such a joy and can't explain how blessed we feel to have you be all ours. We look forward to watching you grow, learn new things and hopefully sometime in the future, settle into the role of big sister. I love you through and through baby girl. Here's to another wonderful year (full of a bit more sleep!) 

Love you Harper. 


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