Baby Loves | Harper and her tiny baby

Quinn never was attached to anything as a baby. No blanket or baby doll, not even a specific paci. Maybe that was just because she was such an easy baby. 

Harper has grown very find of "baby" and I have to is the cutest flippin thing I have ever seen. 

Every morning we come downstairs and she hangs out in the exersaucer while I have my coffee (this is necessary). Then I get to show her baby and it's like a long lost reunion. 

Then she eats her head. 

But seriously, the way she cuddles and holds on to her? Turns me into a puddle. 

I know some kids who are completely addicted to certain things and I'm kind of hoping she sticks with baby. Althoigh it frightens me at the same time. What if we lose it? What if the dog eats it?

Reagan had a tendency of ripping hands and feet off of dolls. I should probably stock up huh?!

On a random note, we saw Frozen yesterday and Quinn was INTO IT. She didn't move the entire movie (except for a quick potty break) and girlfriend was laughing her little head off. 

Ps. It was probably one of my favorite Disney movies. That Olaf was hysterical. 

Hope everyone has a happy Monday! I am stuck at home in a snow/rain apocalypse apparently. Can it just be summer already?!


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