Harper's Alice in One-derland 1st Birthday!

I still am in complete denial that this happened. But my goodness this child is cute, isn't she?! We had an Alice in One-derland birthday party for little miss feisty pants….and it couldn't have been a more awesome day. 

She was a happy little thing through pretty much all of it thanks to the awesome nap she took before everyone arrived. And then the party was over just in time for her afternoon nap! (PARENTAL WIN)

As everyone was arriving my deer babies were in the backyard and everyone stared at them for at least 20 minutes. Then we fed them, I talked to them and they were on their merry way. I'm going to miss them when we move!

Harper had zero interest in opening her gifts but she sure loved sitting on top of all of them. 

Friends for almost 16 years. CRAZY.

I ate all of it in two days after the party.

Jamie, you look tan!

Can you believe this one?! 

We were pretty excited for Harper and her smash cake. She is sort of a beast baby when it comes to food and at life in general and we were right. She spent most of this time "massaging" the cake. 

I guess it felt nice on her little fingers.

This was right after she cake slapped me in the face.

With her godparents who she obviously couldn't stop taring at!

Grandad and Nana.

And this was the aftermath. Pooped and exhausted and it was amazing. I got to park my fat butt on the couch and down a huge slice of cake. 

It was a perfect day for our perfect little girl. I love having our friends and family all together, especially because every time I feel like there are a couple new babies. And they just keep coming! 

Now onto starting to plan Quinn's Little Mermaid birthday! I need coffee.


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