Kleenex has been IN USE around these parts.

This post brought to you by Kleenex….all opinions and talk of sickness are all mine.

Now that we are getting our house "For Sale" ready, I've really had to clean up certain areas. I won't even get into the toy problem in this house. I think the only solution would be to pack up our entire living room and put it in a storage container.

Hashtag: My house looks like a daycare.

What we have had plenty of this winter? Runny noses. And colds. And just overall sickness. So needless to say we have been using Kleenex around here like crazy.

To celebrate their 90th anniversary, Kleenex is bringing you the Kleenex Style Studio.

PS. I dare you to find a design you don't love. I may have spent way too much time on this site. With some chocolate chip cookies. But that's neither here nor there.

Cute fact. Harper can't be left alone near a box of tissues. Otherwise it becomes just a box that once held tissues.

So what does one do when there are a million boxes of tissues lying around the house? Well you coordinate with the new Kleenex boxes, obviously. Have you guys seen their boxes lately?! I get excited with matching and coordinating things. Like, too excited.

How flippin' adorable?!

I seriously keep a box in almost every room in our house because they are used so often. And my favorite place to keep them? In the car. Here is an awful photo in my too dirty car but these get replaced probably monthly because I use them so much.

Hopefully this weather will chill out and we can stop being sick so much. But then comes spring and allergies and it's a never ending cycle of tissue needs. So head over the the Kleenex Style Studio or head to your local Target like I did to stock up!

And also…

Click on over here to take a quick one question survey! (Seriously it takes a second!)

And all of you fashionistas…put your knowledge to the test see if you can spot the Catwalk vs. Kleenex design for a chance to win a trip to NYC and a shopping spree!

Thanks to Kleenex for sponsoring today's discussion.


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