Big Sister Quinn…and Little Sister Harper

This picture is perfect. Fake smiles and sass from the small one.

These two. What can I say except that they are seriously the most amazing girls. They both drive me absolutely insane, but my goodness. I love them to pieces. 

I am going to still say that having two, especially at 1 and almost 4, is easier for me than just having one. It probably helps that Quinn is seriously the best little helper I could ever ask for. And 99% of the time, I don't even have to ask her for help. If her sister is whining or crying, she goes right up to her and starts trying to make her laugh. Peek-a-boo is a sure way to do that!

I'm planning on doing a "What's new" post for each of them, but these two as sisters?

Just as good as Elsa and Anna. Just don't tell Quinn she looks more like Anna….because you will probably get Olaf thrown at you.

Harper is what we call an "aggressive" baby. As in she loves to hit and pull hair and overall is just a beast baby. A few months ago she still didn't understand that when Quinn was trying to hug and love on her that she should not start flailing her little fists at her. She is definitely getting much better and now she's even started going right up to Quinn to gives her hugs and big open mouth kisses. 

It's heart melting, really.

I look forward to the days of playing dress up, having tea parties and everything pink. Although the fact that Harper is no longer a baby, really….is devastating. Like baby fever has kicked in already. Much less time than it took with Quinn…that's for sure :)

At least she's not walking yet, so I still look at her like my little baby. Like I always will. 

This was a few days ago when they literally spent 10 straight minutes giving each other high fives. I couldn't even with that little hand. 

I love having sisters. I am so glad they will have each other. And that they have such an amazing daddy to share. Because let's be honest. Nothing is cuter than a father and his two girls who adore the living crap out of him.


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