Harper Grace | 13 Months

Harper Grace.

You are a wild child. I feel like it's been forever since I've had an update on you, so this may take a while.

Let's start with sleep. While you are finally sleeping through the night…. you are waking up way too damn early. Like before 7. And we know mama doesn't function until after 7:30. I realize this is totally normal for a baby, but your sister loves to sleep just like mommy and daddy. This includes sleeping in.
So yay for no broken sleep, but let us work on sleeping until at least 7:00, ok? You are a napping champ though. I can get a solid 1.5 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon….so I will take it.

Food. You drink about 1 of the 16oz recommendation of whole milk a day. And you love to trick us into thinking you love it by putting your lips on your straw sippy cup and saying "yummmm" and then not drinking it. Because that's the kind of child you are. You are still nursing 3 times a day so I am hoping you will self wean yourself sometime soon. When it comes to real food you will eat anything and everything. It seems we can't feed you enough sometimes but when you are done….you are done. As evidenced by the bowl and zippy cup you've tossed at the ground. I would say your favorite food at the moment would be bananas and blueberries.

You have zero, zero, zero, zero…..ZERO interest in walking. And the tantrums to have when we try to make you are hysterical. You are 100% happy speed crawling and cruising everywhere. And I am just fine with that as it keeps you my baby just a little bit longer. You hate your push walk thing, you demand the seat be put down so you can climb on it and pretend to drive.

You still adore baby and look for her every morning. You don't really have any "favorite" toy as you would much rathe raid a tissue box and try to eat that. Other than that you pretty much just love to turn the television on and off and destroy everything else. You have learned to unlock an iPhone and the face you make after you do it is ridiculous. Biggest cheese face ever.

Bath time is probably your favorite thing in the entire world. You adore water and you hate getting out of the tub. You could literally play in the tub with your sister for hours if I let you. You love splashing water, especially in your face. Crazy kid. Oh and Olaf is your obsession. But let's be honest, who doesn't love Olaf?

You are a pretty attached child. You love your mama and dada. Although I still think you prefer daddy because you literally punch me in the face to get down when he gets home. Speaking of punching…..you are a bit…..aggressive. Let's just say I don't think daddy and I will have to worry about boys when you get older. So keep on feisty pants…..keep on.

You are just a big love bug who smile is so very contagious. We love you to pieces and can't believe we ever worried about becoming a family of four. Your crazy little diapered butt fits right in. And we love you so, Harper Grace.


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