Never Make Waves

I heard this from my yoga teacher earlier this week, and for some reason it really, really resonated with me. I've never heard it before and I thought...Wow. Life could be that simple. But people tend to over-complicate everything. Me, included.

Anth and I made a New Year's resolution to include less drama in our life. Which can be insanely difficult at times, I will admit. These past few years for us have been simple. In a good way. Easy going, hard working, full of the love of two special little girls. 

I feel like in life people will make waves all around you. Purposefully, accidentally, doesn't matter. Waves are everywhere. And it's so easy to give in and get sucked in by one. There is no greater feeling than living your life the way you want to live it and freely just riding the waves. Letting others worry about the waves they themselves create. Knowing what's important to you and staying true to your decisions and beliefs. 

So let us all recognize the waves around us. Choose to only ride them out. And hell, sometimes even maybe just not make it into the water that day. 

Happy Friday! 

One a side note, I am running my first 10k tomorrow and will need all the prayers I can get :)


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