Someone finally decided to walk!

It was last Friday, the 11th. I had just come back from a meeting with my new boss (PS. Work at home job WOOHOO!) and I was trying hard to get the meatball subs I was making for dinner in the oven.

My mom was upstairs with us and all of a sudden I hear Anthony go "She walked!"

To which I replied... "Yeah, right." while simultaneously running towards the living room where they were.

Let me just preface this by saying she had never even really stood by herself before. Unless I set her down in front of Frozen or something and she was so glued to the tv that she didn't realize what she was doing. This kid had no interest in walking. At all. 

So he sits her back in the chair and this happened.

Excuse 1.) the screaming and 2.) my husbands voice. Apparently that was the sonly thing that kept her coming haha!

Little girl. It's still weird to see her standing. While she's not full fledged walking everywhere she has been getting braver by the day and toddles around when she wants. 

Here's to even more crazy from you Harper. 


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