Mother's Day {2014}

Steph posted something yesterday about holidays being less fun the older you get.

And I could not agree more.

Mother's Day was awesome because I was surrounded by my babies and my mama. So no matter what we did it would have been an amazing day. And plus there was a nap involved so the day was pretty much a winner.

We made reservations at Fogo for 1:00 thinking Harper may actually behave and it would be less crowded at lunch time. She of course continued to be my little wild child and it was a small disaster. But God did my girls look cute yesterday and there were screaming children everywhere which made it a lot less stressful than any other outing!

At least this one was well behaved.

You would have thought it was Father's Day.

My beautiful mama. With a lunch time cocktail because obviously.

We walked across the street to the harbor so the girls could get some energy out. Needless to say we were all wiped by the time we got home! It was insanely sunny, but so beautiful right by the water.

The one that made me a mama.

Best mama in the entire world. I only wish I had inherited her patience.

I mean.

Neither were interested.

No I'm not pregnant despite what the above shows. 
I just got my money's worth at Fogo de Chao. That's all.

I vow next year to be in a new house, in my backyard, cocktail in hand and watching my babies play and have fun together! And just spend the day enjoying them and watch them be crazy. In the privacy of my own home.


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