Father's Day Pasts

I absolutely adore Father's Day. Because to be honest... Anth is pretty much the best father ever and I think he deserves more than just a day to celebrate that because he is pretty amazing. So we try to really give him a day to do whatever he wants and to most of all....relax. 

In the past we usually have gone really sentimental with the gifts. This was from Quinn on a few years back and it's one of my favorites. My two peas in a pod! The quote on the bottom is from one of their favorite books, My Daddy and Me.

Whatever the weather, we go together. (please ignore creepy face in the reflection)

Then there was this adorable-ness. This from an almost 3 year old is just precious. And Anth absolutely loved it. 

I, of course had to capture it on video because I knew he wouldn't believe me otherwise!

This year I went funny. Because let's be honest, I think I'm hilarious. Over the past 11 years {what?!} we've been together I have gotten him a lot of funny shirts. Most of which he never wear anymore because I guess we're not 18 anymore, but I have a feeling when the girls get older I will be washing this more often than not. 

Quinn is also working on a cute little masterpiece for daddy but she was not having me take a picture of it and "put it in the internet" because it wasn't finished yet. So I think this year's gifts will be more of a "you don't have to wipe any butts today and I will finally give you that back rub I have been promising" kind of gifts. Which I am sure he will appreciate more than a funny shirt.

Just smile and laugh at it, babe.

Thank you Dollar Shave Club for the idea for this post! Head on over to Dollar Shave Club for info on their Father's Day campaign and if you haven't already seen their hilarious video about what Dollar Shave Club is all about, go! Check out their new products just in time for Father's Day!


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