Quinny's Cinderella 4th Birthday!

This past Saturday was Quinny's 4th birthday! Letting it sink in that my first born is now 4 years old is a little terrifying. Time is a bitch.

It shaped up to be the most perfect day. The weather was hot, but great. Sunny and no rain! All of the kids were so well behaved it was a little unreal. I don't think that's ever happened. And best of all, Quinn had a blast. It was definitely one of if not the best parties we've ever thrown.

While Anth and I were finishing up last minute things, this one was on the deck squirting all of the guests as they walked in. Nice, Quinn. Nice.

We got this bounce house for Quinn for her actual birthday present and it was a blast. After putting in a million hours trying to get the big pool ready, we gave up and this was a bigger hit than we expected. So thank God for that!

Quinny and her cousin Sloane!

"This is the best party ever!" That was all I needed to melt in a puddle. 

Trouble had fun too!

Giving her hubby a little love. He was thrilled, obviously. 

All of Quinny's aunties and besties.

I can't even control myself around this face.

This may be my most favorite picture ever of the girls. 
Anth would like it noted that they are smiling because he is right in front of them.

Harper #1! The sweetest face.

Not so much a fan of the cold water!

Lily! Or Yiyi as Quinn calls her.

Anthony picked out the cake all by himself and it was amazing. I have a thing with amazing birthday cakes. I told Anth if I am to peace out early in life I want my babies to always have amazing birthday cakes at their parties. Awesome cake just makes me insanely happy. And it's delicious and we all know how much Andrea loves food.

The grandmas!

Playing nicely with the hubs.

Sneaky girl. 

Those wings did not come off until bedtime.


Quinn had only asked for a "horn". That was all she wanted. Thank you Aunt Tessa and Uncle Ryan for making all of this 4 year old's dreams come true lol.

She has been practicing ever since!

Snuggled in between all of the tissue paper as always!

This guy. I know we look like America, but words can't describe how lucky we are to call him ours. He's definitely one of the good ones. 

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with our nugget. I am forever grateful for how loved my babies are by so many. 

Hashtag blessed.


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