Balance. Probably what I struggle with the most in life. But like I always tell myself.... if that's my biggest problem we are probably doing ok. #firstworldproblems am i right?

This really wasn't an issue for me when I had Quinn. I still had a full time job and to be honest... everything else usually just got swept under the rug, because all I wanted was to spend my time with her when I got home and on weekends. Cleaning, exercise, etc just didn't matter as much. 

Now that I am a stay at home mom, balance is hard. Like insanely hard. I think I've gotten to a comfortable medium now that Harper is a little older and to be honest thanks to my insanely wonderful mother who helps me with every aspect in life.

But there is always room for improvement and I want to be the best mother I can be and I think the key to that is balance.


I tried working out a cleaning schedule that actually worked pretty well for a long time.

I've come to terms with the fact that I suck at doing laundry. We have too many pairs of underwear in this family for me to go weeks without doing it. Hashtag shame.

So if I could just keep up with that schedule.... that would be great.

Social Media. 

This is something I have been trying to cut back on for a while now. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin. I can't even explain to you how much time I could waste. I am and will always be an insane picture taker. I love having those candid memories of my babies and the everyday things. But maybe of instead immediately uploading things to Instagram, I wait until later to do so. 

I allow myself to check social media 3x a day. Which is totally doable for me. Now I put my phone somewhere that isn't right next to me and try to be in the moment. It's actually working out pretty well,  although I do miss Pinterest. But playing Hungry Hungry Hippos for the 78th time that day always trumps my phone.

Date Nights

This is something we've been pretty good about. My mom basically shoves us out of the door on weekends when we've been insanely busy, or she hasn't put the girls to bed in a long time. Dinner, movies (never both, because hello? sleep) and our favorite... Dinner and shopping. Because how often do we get to shop for ourselves kid free?! Even if we do end up bringing home tons for the girls. 


This is probably the easiest thing for us to balance. Because who doesn't love getting together and having all the children entertain each other? When Quinn was a baby we used to bring the pack and play to Colleen and Jason's house and put her to bed and then enjoy some much needed adult time aka drinking. Now the kids are a little older so we can keep them up later and they are nice and tired for bed. 

Eating and Sleep

Never an issue. LOL


This is something I have to make myself make time for. And it usually happens at nap time. I go to the pool house, lift some heavy stuff and call it a day. If I'm lucky, Anth gets home early and I can go to a yoga class or get a run in. Sunday mornings are my mornings to sleep in and instead I go to Body Pump and Spinning class. Which sucks because I would much rather sleep, but it works. I am also insanely lucky that my mom is the daycare supervisor at my gym, so I get to go anytime during the day and get a quick workout in while the girls spend time with their Lita. So I'm kind of spoiled. Poor Anth is the one who struggles to get time in, but I have a feeling once we move he will be back to his normal workout routine. (That's what a desk job does to you, huh babe?!)

At this point in my life my house is always a mess, my laundry is always overflowing, but my kids are always happy. And that makes for a happy mama. I've made peace with the fact that I can never do it all. At once anyway. And that's ok. For my sanity, for my family's sanity. 

These days have been nothing but chaos with Anth finishing up last minute projects before the photographer comes (LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!) and our house goes on the market. So life these days has been filled with housework, the Redfin app and driving around countless neighborhoods and lots. 

Which I am so looking forward to being over :)


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