Oh, hi.

Things have been super busy around these parts. Like the exhaustion at the end of the day is unreal. The holiday weekend completely wiped us out and needless to say the girls and I didn't even make it out of bed until almost 8:30 on Monday. (Sorry Daddy!)

We spent the weekend at two different get together's with Anth's coworkers and it was a really nice change of pace. I am on The Whole 30 (Day 9!) and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. THERE WERE HOME MADE MASHED POTATOES PEOPLE. More on the Whole 30 later, but holy hell is this is hard.

We spent literally all of Sunday in the car with the girls house hunting. We drove all over Maryland and ended up in a city 40 miles from our house that we fell in love with. It was a brand new development with sidewalks and kids playing everywhere and you could literally walk to Coldstone. Downside? It was an almost 70 mile commute for Anth. We still haven't ruled anything out, but my GOD is house hunting ever hard. It seems we always fall in love with something and then we see the school districts are bad. Or something. We ended the day finding an absolute gorgeous community a little closer to home (not that close, actually) but we both fell in love hard. Anth got to talk to the owner of one of the houses listed for sale and we both just got in the car and said "Whoa". We loved it. So I think we've definitely locked down an area that we didn't know about before and totally fell in love with. So hopefully this puts us on the right path to not being homeless! The girls were actually really good for being dragged around all day and we all ended up asleep pretty early Sunday night!

Other than that Anth has been working like a crazy person trying to get our pool done and open. The pool guys come Wednesday to give it one last good vacuuming and then we will be good! Now we have to focus on the punch list that the stager gave us before listing our house. (Holy hell).

So this summer has definitely been a little insane so far, but we are definitely making lots of time for fun in the process. Here's hoping the rest of the summer will crawl by before I have to put my baby girl in pre-school in the fall. As Mandy put it today, I am trying to see life right now less as "insanely busy" but as "my life is full!". Positive, positive, positive.

I just want to be moved and settled. Then can come the oh so anxiety filled idea of having another baby. But we will take it nice and slow :)


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