Harper Grace | 18 Months!

The excitement that I have over the fact that I can tell people she is 1.5 is so exciting. That and it's ridiculously insane that the baby that I just gave birth to in the hospital is already so close to 2. Because I literally just birthed her.

Man they were not lying when they said the second kid makes time go faster.

I felt the need to do a massive update since I can't even remember the last one I did for our tiniest nugget. So much has happened, so much is going on and right now I am watching Quinn ride her scooter in front of me.... back and forth, back and forth wondering where the hell the time went.

I am currently surrounded by moving boxers, galore and lots of snack  and sippy cups. This has been life lately. Crazy, insanely busy.

Oh, Harper. Harper, Harper, Harper. You, my dear are one of the craziest children I have ever come across. You are whiny, moody, loud and damn cute. You are shy, funny and full of.... curiosity. 

You are starting to finally love on your sister and let her love on you. Because let's be honest, sister wants to give you hugs and kisses #alldayerrday. But who can blame her. You are simply delicious.

You hate to sit down and eat food. Mama gave up on the high chair a long time ago. You and sissy eat at your little kid's table and unless it's pizza or scrambled eggs..... you eat your fruit and are right on your way. You do love to snack however and you are becoming quite addicted to milk. Finally. You are a peanut though and I contribute this to the fact that you hate eating meals. Quinn had gained 3 pounds in between her 15 and 18 month appointments and I think you've gained 4 ounces.

I will not mention that you are still nursing at night. But I always try and trick you into cuddling instead. That's only worked a handful of times. Sorry to say, kid but the ship has sailed. I am giving you another month or two and then we gotta give that up, ok?

Still a thumb sucker, but only when you're tired. Your teeth look just like Quinny's did at her age thanks to her beloved paci. Speaking of teeth, your fangs just came in. (I don't know what they're really called? Incisors? Is that even close?) So you are a mouth full of teeth! You love to show them to me when I take your picture, although recently I seem to be annoying you so you just put your hand over your face and say "No"

No. That is most definitely your most favorite word. You are feisty and you sure as hell know exactly what you want. My favorite time with you is when you wake up, we make our way downstairs and I let the dog out and make my coffee and grab your milk. Then you climb into my lap, drink your milk and watch Disney Jr. together. You do this a lot. If we're home and just hanging out you want to be on my lap. And while it may sometimes may drive me crazy because you know.... I would love to eat... it's one of my favorite things about you. You love your mama and it makes me super happy. But at the same time you are clingy and I sometimes have to bribe you with M&M's just for you to let me go out on a run. But the "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" when I come back? Worth every clingy moment with you.

You're interest in electronics has gone from 0-100 recently. You have learned to FaceTime daddy all by yourself and embarrass him at work. Although we love him to death because he will sit there and baby talk you like no one is around. While I thought it was a fluke the first time you did it, listening to you FaceTime daddy on the couch while screaming "DADDY!!!!" is probably the cutest thing I've seen. So I definitely have to watch my phone.

You sleep like a rockstar. You are finally taking one nap a day, usually 2:00-4:30ish. Unless we are in the car and it's like freaking baby sleep magic and we have to fight to keep you awake. And by we, I mean Quinn who I tell to throw stuff at you. (And I wonder why you get annoyed with her?!) You go to bed around 8:00 and you're usually up around 7:30/8:00. Although lately it's been closer to 7:00 and we're not having that. You know by now that you will wait in your crib until 7:30 because mama simply does not function before then.

You are simply a crazy little kid. Temper tantrums are something we knew nothing about until you. Head banging, throwing, dramatically tossing yourself to the floor? Yeah. Not your finest moments but my GOD are you adorable. You're baby doll skin and blue/gray/green eyes and blonde hair make it hard to be mad at you. Especially now that you've learned to manipulate and give kisses when we're mad at you. You bring so much joy, laughter and also "wtf was that?" to our lives. I seriously cannot imagine our life without you. Because you fit in so perfectly.

We love you so much big girl. Still can't believe you're not an infant anymore, but I look so forward to you growing just like your big sister. And hoping that you will become a big sister yourself sometime soon. I feel like you are all middle child, just without actually being the middle child yet.

You are so perfect and we love every bit of you. Crazy.


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