My Whole 30 fail. From a bread and cheese and sugar addict.

Leading up to Quinn's birthday party I was really thinking about what I could do to get my eating habits in order. I seriously have zero self control when it comes to food. Like zero. I was telling my girlfriends my entire life is like a Lay's potato chip. When it comes to food, I can't have just one of anything.

I knew I wanted to wait until after Quinn's party because hello? Cake. And leftover cake.

So the Monday after her party I was super pumped and ready! It really wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be because I am pretty good with my meals. Mostly Paleo, sometimes a whole grain english muffin. The hard part would be the snacking, the chocolate and pop tarts.

Day 1 and 2 were awesome. No cravings, totally on track. Day three. We were at Red Robin and I was enjoying my lettuces wrap burger and I had probably the worst headache of my life. I told Anthony I was dying and that he needed to take me to the ER because I was for sure internally brain bleeding. Ok, it was not that  serious, but I felt awful. So I Google'd "whole 30 massive headache" and apparently it was totally normal. The Whole 30 website basically said that the feelings you are feeling are directly proportionate to the amount of garbage you consumed prior to starting the Whole 30.

Well, shit. I basically did it to myself. The night before I started I seriously was so ashamed of myself. I don't think I have ever consumed as much food ever in my life.... and it was awful food. Like leftover cake and birthday food. Delicious.... but horrible.

So I crawled into bed that night praying I would wake up being able to function and with no headache.

Thankfully, it had turned into a mild headache and I felt almost totally back to normal.

So to hopefully not turn this into a book, I will say I totally didn't cheat for....

21 days.

And on day 21 we went to UNO's. And I needed nachos. I blame Anthony for all of this because hello? 21 days. And nachos turned into a full blown cheat meal. Coke, pizza and the largest peanut butter chocolate cup of my life.

I was ashamed. But satisfied. What I imagine a one night stand would feel like. But I was also shocked that I couldn't finish my pizza or the dessert. This is coming from a girl who can literally down a ridiculous amount of food. So I guess it was an improvement.

The rest of the 30 days kind of were a failure. I did pretty good, but I wasn't strict about it anymore. I finished the girl's lunches.... I ate cake a birthday party. UNO's kind of ruined it for me.

So my Whole 30 was a total failure, but I will say it was an improvement to my eating habits. I think I will try and stick to the much more doable Paleo recommended cheat meal every 4/5 days.

I will add that I probably have had the worst workout month while I was on the Whole 30. I don't know if it was me being totally lazy or a complete coincidence, but I only ran like 16 miles in July and I wasn't as committed to lifting. So I am very glad it's over, but would I do it again? Absolutely. Just not any time soon!


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