Quinn's 1st haircut! That's right. She is 4.

This was my bald little baby.

Also? My ovaries just exploded.

So ever since she started sprouting some precious hair on her head I have been cherishing every brush stroke, every shampoo and condition.

I am a little obsessed.

Until we noticed that her hair touched her hiney when she was in the bath and I think we all knew it was time for this real life Rapunzel to go in for a trim. If you asked Quinn, she wanted to cut it all the way to her shoulders. But being that was her first haircut and I already was having anxiety.... No.

So we booked an appointment with the lady who does my hair because I was not about to let Cartoon Cuts touch that perfection.

She was super excited after we reassured her that no, getting your hair cut does not hurt.

And Lita escaped work for an hour because it was that special of an occasion.

She got herself some fruit snacks from the goodie corner and sat herself in the chair. All smiles! Daddy came and undid her mane while I kept my face behind the camera to hide my tears.

And that was it. The little baby strands of hair that have been on her head since birth. I silently wept into my hand. 

She seriously could get her hair cut everyday if I let her. She was amazed at the whole process. Although she was bummed she didn't get her hair massaged and washed like mommy does. 

So that is the story of my baby girl's very first haircut. I was an emotional wreck, I took way too many photos. I was laughed at for bringing my DSLR to the hair salon, but these are memories! My big girl is growing up and I hate it. While I love seeing the beautiful, feisty and smart little girl she is becoming....it scares the ever living $*^& out of me to think I have to put her out into the world so soon. School, sports, field trips. I can't handle it. 

I am now in a downward shame spiral over a haircut. I need another cup of coffee. 


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