My Quinny Girl

My little Quinny.

I seriously cannot remember the last time I did an update on you, but I do know it was a very long time ago. You are seriously almost 4 and a half. And I have zero clue how that happened. I can't help but smile whenever I think of you. The baby that was handed to me, that baby that made me a mommy. That baby they handed over to a scared, young me. The day my life changed forever and I knew that this life was not about me anymore. Since the second you were born, I have come second in life. And I happily drink that in everyday.

Although mama would really appreciate a shower everyday, but I take what I can. You are absolute sunshine. I honestly don't know what else to say about you. You have the best smile in the entire world. You are sweet, loving, nurturing, the best big sister. I could honestly go on for days here, so I will try to get to the things that you are up to these days.

School. You absolutely love it. In fact, you love it so much that mama wishes (almost) that she would have put you in school for more than two days a week...for 1/2 days. The hugs I get when I pick you up continue to be the highlights of my week. We have gotten a couple of mini update reports from your teacher. You continue to be stubborn as hell and thankfully the teacher says you remind her a lot of herself when she was younger. Your feistiness has improved, and you are getting crazy smart. Like adding and subtracting smart. My girl.

Growth Spurts. You apparently are in an insane growth spurt lately because on days you don't have school, you have been known to sleep until 9:00/9:30. Usually 8:15/8:30. And I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. Because sissy does such a good job of entertaining herself in her crib, that it means I don't have to get out of bed until then either. God bless you. You have also been eating like a WWE champion. Tonight you ate all of your dinner and then asked for a snack. And you happily downed carrots and hummus. Oh, you love hummus. Good job baby girl. You are a pretty good eater which makes me feel totally ok giving you all the chocolate. Because girrrrrrrrl, you love your chocolate.

Activities. Since our moving debacle we've had to pause a lot of our extras and I think you are missing gymnastics. We are going to put you in dance this winter and you could not be more excited. Mama was never in dance so mama is probably even more excited. Although I am still pushing for an athlete somewhere down the road.

Big Sister Quinn. You and Harper have started really annoying each other. It's like you both finally realized how to push each others buttons. It's usually pretty funny, due to the fact that you are both insane drama queens. But you are also the sweetest sister in the world and if you could have your way, you would hug and kiss her all day long. Thankfully, Harper has learned to love the affection and you guys absolutely adore the crap out of each other.

Other than these things, you are just an amazing little girl. Your attitude is insane, and I cannot believe that a 4 year old speaks the way you do sometimes, but it gives me comfort for those teenage years. A ball buster for sure. But a sweet ball buster :)

I am so looking forward to Christmas this year. Although I think you might be upset that you won't be getting everything that you circled in the Toys R Us catalog. I am so excited for you to (God willing) become a big sister again in 2015. If I ask you, you say you want two more babies, a girl and a boy. I am positive daddy would appreciate at least one more boy in this house. You will most definitely make the best mommy one day. You just have that in you. Unlike your own mother who is a hot mess every single day.

Love you, love you, love you big girl. 


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