The funniest Halloween that ever was.

This Halloween was one of the best ones I've ever had. And the best Quinn has ever had, being that she dressed in her costume every day and is not a happy child when I tell her she can't wear it to school everyday. Quinn stumbled upon the Incredibles a few months ago and the girls were hooked. Like screaming in excitement every time they saw it come on. So that's where this came from.

This was the first year ever attempting to make costumes, and as Cher would say, it's a total Monet. From far away it looks ok, but up close its a big old mess. I would also like to add that I purchased sweat pants for Anthony, which he didn't approve of. So he stole my leggings. Thanks Jammer for rescuing the day with red workout pants. 

That's my husband.

Quinn was so, so, so, so, so excited. She could not have been at a more perfect age, and honestly could have gone all night long if she could have. She was adorable. The "trick or treat" at every door was so sweet and I could have smothered her with kisses, she did me so proud.

We got another kid picture and it was amazing, just like last year. I hope this tradition goes on forever because I know the girls have such a blast. 

I will say, it is going to be insanely hard to top this year, but I'm sure Quinn will have grand plans for next year too. 


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