FarFaria Review & Giveaway!

So quinn has ben SUPER into stories lately. As in requesting to be read novel like books instead of my favorite pigeon books that the girls love (and also take 39 seconds to read). So when I heard about FarFaria, I knew she would love it.

We went to the National Zoo a couple of weeks ago and since its a bit of a hike, I handed her my phone and said "Mommy downloaded a new app! Go, conquer, enjoy." 

The rest of the drive was spent listening to her be read the story of of Paul Revere. It's a seriously cool app that sort of takes you to different "places" and let's you explore different stories including books about history, holidays, bedtime fairytales. You name it. 

It has pictures like any other book and then the words on the bottom of the page. And it reads along to you. Quinn's favorite is looking at the blue words as the person speaks them. (In a fancy schmancy accent nonetheless). 

So if your kid loves stories as much as quinn does, you should definitely look into FarFaria! I am giving one lucky reader a 3 month membership to FarFaria, which can be downloaded on your iPad, iPhone and Android.


1. Simply leave a comment on the blog with your child's favorite book!
2. Make sure you like My Attempt @ Motherhood on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest!

Winner will be chosen on Friday, the 19th!

Here is all their info if you want to learn more!


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