Holiday Gift List {Ladies}

Every year I make one of these and every year I hope my husband finds his way to it. Never seems to happen though ;) These are just a few of the things that I would drool over this Christmas! Happy shopping!

My two besties and I had a girls night of shopping and dinner last night and it was by far one of the best nights ever. Nothing beats quality girl time with your favorites. We stumbled into Anthropologie because I have been dying for a monogrammed gold mug (finally!) and my friend Jamie tried on that gorgeous sweater (or something very similar) and it was so insanely gorgeous on her and growing baby bump! She seriously reminded me of Cameron Diaz in the Holiday. It was then that I promised them that when I win the lottery we would have an entire day of shopping and buying whatever the hell we wanted.

Hope everyone is gearing up for Christmas! I think we are finally done with the girls and the $20 limit my husband set for his present will probably the hardest thing this year. Merry December!


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