Family Photos...Only 3 months late!

So I am about to bombard you with a crap ton of photos, but I couldn't really narrow it down more than I did :) Also, never will I ever get family photos taken unless its 50 degrees or warmer. It.Was.Freezing. But I love how you walk out of them thinking, "Wow, did we just waste money or what?" because the girls were endlessly complaining about the cold, Harper would have rather eaten dirt than crack a smile, and I was freezing my tatas off. Anthony, as usual was a total machine and kept complaining about the girls being miserable. A bag of M&M's later, lots of blankets and we were ecstatic when we got these back. 

I love our little family of four right now and wanted to capture how insanely fun it is to live with two little princesses who are honestly the most amazing kids ever. I know, everyone says that about their own kids, but these two are pretty amazing. 

Lots of updates coming soon (!!!) so hopefully I will be posting more than once a month. Until then I leave you with an entire album :)

 This little one is a rockstar. My little model!

My heart. 


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