30 Things I've Learned in 30 Years

Today, I celebrate 30 years on this earth. And I am so very thankful for each and every year God has blessed me with. I am at one of the craziest phases in my life and I am trying to enjoy every second (as hard as it may be sometimes!) I still don't feel 30, whatever thats supposed to mean. I watched the Friends episode where they all turn 30 and it literally boggles my mind. Two (and a half) children later and I still don't feel like a "grown up". Forever Young is what I say! Here is a l its of 30 completely random thoughts I had on my 30 years so far. {Sorry this is s lengthy. I am old.)

1. Wrinkles will come out of nowhere. Like WHOA. Invest in some good face cream.
2. It will amaze you how much you really dislike all other children except your own. (And those close to you that love.) Thank you part time gym child care job for opening my eyes to how much I truly dislike children.
3. I would give anything to be in my high school basketball shape. I honestly don't know how I ever managed to play basketball for so many years and the last thing I ever remember saying is "I'm tired." I will take that stamina please.
4. Life is crazy and completely out of your control. There are people out there who want to fix everything and that is just not possible. I have honestly come to learn that you have to deal with the cards you are dealt, especially the shitty ones. But the shitty cards also make you realize just how incredibly blessed you are in other ways.

5. You honestly have zero clue how much you can love another person until you have babies of your own. Everyone says it, blah blah blah, but HOLY HELL. That kind of love is insane. No matter what the circumstances.
6. Your husband will be the rock you need when you least expect it. Even your robot husband who you constantly shame for having zero feelings will be the person that holds you up when you need it the most and the one person you rely on more than anything. And regardless of how many stupid fights you have, how many times you threaten divorce, or how many times you throw your wedding ring at him, you are sure as sure can be that there is no one on this earth that could put up with and love you better than he can.
7. On the same note, I cannot stress enough that family is who you make it. It's the people who have constantly been there for you through good times and bad, no matter what. The ones who are there for you the morning after your oldest is in the hospital and you have a one month old at home and who get together to make an Easter basket for your oldest baby who has to spend Easter in the hospital. (Seriously, you guys have zero clue how much that meant to us and I cry every time I think about how lucky we were to have you guys. And mama too, because that was one of the best showers she's ever taken thanks to you guys!)
8. People are meant to not be in your life for a reason. Family, friends, acquaintences, it doesn't matter. There comes a time in your life when you will realize that some people are toxic and have no benefit to your life whatsoever. And it's sad. And you will cry over it sometimes, and it sucks. But life isn't perfect, but you are in charge of your own life and you have zero responsibility to keep people in your life who only bring the negative. Truth. 
9. Your love for pizza only increases with age. (Just me?)
10. Having babies will forever change the way you look at your body. Oh, you hated those stretch marks in high school? Well let me just welcome you to a 40 pound pregnancy weight gain! You will start to care less about things like that and actually be more concerned with being healthy. Crazy, right? You can grow humans. That's insane.
11. You will gladly spend $25 on a pair of darling toddler boots. $20 for a shirt for yourself? You must be crazy.
12. Target will be one of the reasons you wake up in the morning. Because there is nothing that store doesn't have and it will become your sanctuary for quiet time when you escape your house in a mad dash for some sanity.

13. If you're lucky enough to have your mother around, you best be thankful for it. She will be your best friend and the person you rely on second to your husband. Ok, maybe first sometimes. And she will always drop whatever she is doing to help you. Appreciate that.
14. Laundry will become the reason you hate life.
15. High school will be some of the best days of your life. You will not realize this when you are actually in high school, but rather when you are older and have actual responsibilities. Remember all those "I can't wait to be grown up and pay for my own things?" Yeah, thats garbage.
16. That boyfriend you had in high school that you swore you were madly in love with? Yeah, thats adorable.
17. If you have daughters, recalling all the times you snuck out of the house, partied with college kids and did all those other unmentionable things will haunt you to your core. 
18. There will come a time in your life when you will be getting home from a night out at the same time you would be getting ready to go out back in your good old college days. And it will be glorious.
19. Spending an entire day in your bed is what your dreams will be made of.
20. Even though you are exhausted and can't remember the last time you slept in because hello? kids. You and your husband will cry every time you drive by an elementary school because how do they expect you drop off your precious little princess in a building full of strangers? And you will contemplate home schooling but then realize you are being ridiculous. But you still cry.

21. You will get more cleaning done the day you know someone is coming over then any other day ever. Because you obviously don't want your friends to see the way you actually live.
22. Getting to watch your favorite Disney movies with your kids is one of the craziest experiences ever. Remembering how insanely happy the Lion King made you and then watching your kid ask to watch it 9,945,695 times a day is legit mind blowing. And you will find every reason to sit your butt down and watch them all with them.
23. You will hate Play Doh for all the things you have to pick it out of. Especially kids fingernails.
24. Coffee/Wine will become the crack cocaine of your life. And if you're pregnant and coffee sounds like the last thing you want, you will cry many, many tears and pray for the day your morning sickness finally goes away and lets you enjoy that beautiful, beautiful beverage once again.
25. Yoga pants will become your everyday gear. And make you feel better because it looks like you workout, but you don't.

26. You will eat candy bars/chocolate/mini eggs in your closet or in the bathroom to avoid sharing them with your children. Or lie and say "No, honey, you can't have any. It's spicy."
27. You will swear up and down you will never get a minivan. And you will love the convenience of having one, but hate yourself everytime you get in and out of it.
28. You will regret the placement of that tattoo that now resides next to your c-section scar.
29. Reality television will be the exact mindless thing to watch to wind you down from the everyday struggle of keeping yourself and your children alive.
30. You will tell yourself that 40 is the new 30.

Here's to the next 30!


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