And Baby #3 is a.....

GIRL! Who's surprised!? I am literally over the moon. I know everyone and their mother thought this baby was a boy and I honestly had zero clue. I knew Harper was a girl from conception. No joke. This one, I just had not one ounce of intuition. I honestly wanted both. I know how badly Anthony wants to raise a son, but who wouldn't want another Quinn or Harper? I mean seriously, Full House was my ideal family growing up so I am just so excited that we get to use everything we already have. Including the 12 storage containers of baby clothes we've accumulated in the last 5 years! It didn't matter what this baby was. We knew it was healthy and growing and that is a blessing beyond words! At least now I've convinced Anthony that we have to try for a fourth :)

What a perfect way to roll in my 30's!


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