Harper's {Elmo} 2nd Birthday Party!

So, my little itty bitty baby infant decided to turn 2 last Friday. TWO. We had planned a small get together Saturday with just her besties and then it decided to snow 9 inches on Saturday. Thankfully everyone could make it on Sunday and she ended up having the best day ever. She was surrounded by her favorite people (except Aunt Colleen, Uncle Jason, Brenna & Brody!) She skipped a nap and partied her little tushie off until the last guests left. Then she had a meltdown of epic proportions but the good part she actually let me rock her to sleep and it was magical. The perfect way to end the day!

These two are hilarious: Double Trouble I call them. Harper Grace and Harper Drew. 

Sisters from other misters.

The grandmas and great grandma. 

She had this "cheese" face all day long. 

If you don't have Benny the Bull, do yourself a favor and get one. ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT.

My twins. 

Sadly, this was the only picture we got of the 4 of us lol

Girlfriend killed the cake. 

Reagan LOVED Grandad. It's kind of adorable being that she hates all men. 

Then the dance party commenced. 

Party of 1. 

And this is how we found her right before bedtime. She was ready for bed!

I hope you had an amazing second birthday, baby girl. You are such a blessing to this family. You were meant to be ours always and I am so, so very lucky to call you mine. I love your delicious little face, feet and everything in between. We love you so much big girl. Happy Birthday!


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