Surprise! Baby #3. {OMG}

Surprise! Baby #3 due 8.11.15

I am 15 weeks today and am finally getting around to announcing this poor child. But let's be honest, it won't be the last time #3 is neglected. I've been having the worst morning sickness of my entire life and I seriously was dead to the world until 9/10 weeks when I finally found the blessing that is Unisom & B6. Even if I am half asleep walking like a zombie most days, it's a blessing and a half that I have stopped throwing up as much as I was. Now it's just constant.naseua.all.the.time. I honestly don't know how I have forgotten twice how bad this is. Chasing after two children and doing school drop offs and basically just being in survival mode has been....challenging. But thank God for the best girls I could ever ask for. They have been insanely good at keeping themselves entertained and playing so nicely with each other. And for my mama who has helped an insane amount with the kids and the requests I have for food. (CARBS)

I thought I was coming out of the morning sickness last week until I had to go running to the bathroom in the middle of the Bachelor last night and again this morning. I am so finished. I am praying that was the last of it and that I can soon enough be enjoying coffee again which I miss so much. Yeah and working out because, seriously? Getting winded while doing laundry is insanely unacceptable.

So to answer everyone's obvious question, I would love to have another girl. :) I mean look at those 2, who wouldn't want another?! I went back and forth with the idea of not finding out, but I honestly don't think I could ever. Im debating paying $50 and going to an ultrasound place so they can tell me next week!

So for now, I am taking a lot of naps, taking a lot of Unisom and eating a lot of bagels. Bring on the obesity. And trying to forget that in a few short months, I will be completely outnumbered every single day of my life.

God help me.

Obviously, they are thrilled. 


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